CodeIgniter Custom Web Development in PHP


Codeigniter is a broadly utilized PHP based web application system that is appropriate for making top notch web applications, ecommerce websites, CMS, and enterprise applications. The advancement of CodeIgniter Web Framework wraps up an exceptionally intuitive interface with a lot of simple to-utilize tools.

How CodeIgniter Works


Model - It contains application logic.

View - Renders content for the user.

Controller - Interacts with Model to create data for view.

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework uses the Model-View-Controller architectural design. When a user requests a resource, the controller responds first. The controller understands the user request then request the necessary data. CodeIgniter is used for the rapid development web applications. Its provides an out of the box library to connect to the database and perform various tasks such as sending emails, uploading files, managing sessions, and more. And if what functionality you want is not available there, then you can do so easily by creating your libraries, helpers and packages. In this framework the MVC separates the data, business logic, and presentation.

Why Choose CodeIgniter for Web Development

  • The framework is well documented, and there are lots of tutorials and answer on CodeIgniter forums.
  • The entire source code for CodeIgniter is close to 2MB. which makes it faster.
  • On CodeIgniter one can develop high end applications as it is designed to work independently without relying too much on other components.
  • It is easily compatible with most of the hosting providers, there is no need for special or cloud hosting.
  • Its PHP programs and features are easily editable as per requirement.
  • CodeIgniter comes with built-in protection against CSRF and XSS attacks which makes it more secure.
  • It offers easy bug resolution so that you can develop stable and non vulnerable applications.

Contact Us for CodeIgniter Development Service

CodeIgniter Development , our expert and CodeIgniter Developers can avail you all the powerful and exceptional features of  this PHP framework for result oriented web application. We are leading Offshore Development Company and offer various CodeIgniter Development services according to project need.


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