How to Design Lead Generating Landing Pages ?

Getting people to visit a website is important, but what businesses really want is conversion. In other words, grab playful visitors who may be interested enough to sign up to the company's unique value proposition, subscribe, stay updated, share with friends, and become loyal customers.

A landing page designer's primary goal is to create a high-converting landing page by making a strong first impression. Landing page designers typically adopt different approaches based on a set of ideas. They must carefully observe the minimum information required to seal verticals, audiences, and conversions in industry and markets.

Here are some innovative and successful marketing strategies to improve landing page conversion rate.

1 Keep Forms Short

Spend some time evaluating your lead capture forms and what information is really needed to take you to the next stage of your buying funnel. People don't like to give more information than they need - it seems like time consuming. As each new form field is added, the probability of their mid-form growth increases.

2 Tell a Story with Visuals

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views without content. Great visuals can take your lead gene landing pages to a whole new level, instantly expressing what you are all about. Not only does this image make their business feel more human, it tells a story and makes you feel what kind of company they are.

3 Make Promises

Promises are powerful. They can potentially compensate for risk aversion, help prospects feel more secure doing business with you, and make effective objections to your visitors or visitors about trying your product or service Can effectively eliminate.

4 Use Facts and Figures

Facts and figures can be a great way to grab the attention of prospects. So include some interesting figures on the landing pages. A subtle combination of eye-catching icons, large bold numbers, and explanatory text pulls people in and reveals important statistics in seconds.

5 Include Trust Signals

Trust signals are among the most powerful elements you can include on a landing page. These signs help customers to patronize a specific business or feel more secure in their decision to purchase a specific product or service. There are several types of trust signs:

  • Brand logos
  • Partnership badges
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Security emblems
  • Guarantees

6 Use Call-To-Action

And finally Call-to-action (CTA) buttons, use in your website and are on your landing pages to drive users towards your goal conversion. This is the part of the landing page that the user needs to click on the action you want them to take.

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