What is Mobile Application Testing

Nowadays people do not want to turn on their laptops or computer for everything, rather they want their handheld devices to perform everything quickly.

On the other hand mobile phones have evolved from simple communication devices to a gadget that can do basically everything. Whether it is ordering food, availing cab service or simply looking for directions, all this can be done using a mobile phone. And it is possible due to advance mobile applications.

Hence the mobile applications should be tested very well before launching. So in this article, we discuss about the testing process of mobile applications.

What is Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application testing is a process of testing application on different parameters after mobile app development. This is important process to assure a certain level of quality before an application is released for use. Testing increases the general efficiency of the application on all fronts while increasing the reliability factor among its users.

Important Parameters of Mobile App Testing

The following are some important types of testing which should be performed on Mobile applications.

Security Testing

Security testing is helpful in exposing vulnerabilities, threats, risks in the mobile application to prevents malicious attacks. The purpose of security tests is to identify all possible flaws and vulnerabilities in the application, which may result in loss of information.

Functionality Testing

Functionality testing is a testing technique that is used to test the functionality of the application. For this testing application are tested by feeding them input and examining the output. Functional testing ensures that the requirements are properly satisfied by the application.

Interface Testing

The interface is visible to the user thus particular focus is on the design structure, images whether they are working properly or not. It also includes testing of menu options, buttons, elements placement, and navigation flow of the application.

Usability Testing

This test method to measure how easy and user friendly the mobile application is. A small set of target end users uses applications to uncover usable faults. It is done to ensure that the mobile app is easy to use and provides customers with a satisfactory user experience.

Performance Testing

Technically known as Perf Testing, in this testing the performance of the application is measure under various workload. The main objective for Perf are - testing the speed, stability, reliability, application response time, scalability etc. As well as performance while changing the internet connection from 2G, 3G to WIFI, sharing documents, battery consumption are also measured.

Tools for Mobile Applications Testing

1 TestComplete

TestComplete support testing for both Android and iOS application. With you can create and run repeatable UI tests across native or hybrid mobile apps.

2 Kobiton

Kobiton is a mobile device cloud platform that provides access to real devices to run manual and automated tests on native, web and hybrid Android / iOS apps

3 UI Automator

UI Automator is an open-source framework it is used to testing the UI using automated functional test cases.

4 Selendroid

Selendroid interacts with an open-source framework as well as multiple devices and emulators. It operates from native as well as UI for hybrid apps and mobile web.

5 Calabash

Calabash is one of the best and free open source automation testing tool that works on both iOS and Android. The tool allows you to write and execute automated acceptance tests for mobile applications.

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