Creative Websites

Creative Websites

We are specialists in custom website design and development services, our team is proficient in all aspects of front-end and back-end skills required for mobile responsive lead generation websites. Codzio’s team work in a collaborative manner for each and every client’s project to generate successful results for them.

What is for you?

  • From custom website design template to dynamic website – we can create any type of website for you.
  • We implement the latest technologies in web development to ensure that your website will be up-to-date.
  • Not just desktop friendly, having a mobile-friendly website has become a critical part in modern website development. We at codzio will take care of mobile friendly website designs and layouts.
  • You will get a secure website to prevent from spamming and online frauds.
  • Our team provides dedicated support to help you understand the work flow of your website and resolve your issues.

How we Create Websites?

01 Plan

We work with the client to determine what goals needs to fulfill, what pages, features and functionality are required in the website, and the timeline for project.

02 Website Design

Codzio is a leading web design agency with best designer’s team who create user-friendly and fast website design layout that capture your brand, improve your conversion rates, and help your business grow.

03 Website Coding

At website coding stage after design approval, we start creating your website with valid HTML / CSS code for completing front-end. And after comparing with designs we finally start coding your website’s back-end with relevant languages and frameworks to make your website dynamic.

04 Testing

At this point, our web tester will participate after web development part to test your web site. To test things like the full functionality of website features, forms, working of scripts, responsive on desktop, mobile, tablet and ensure security of that your website.

05 Launching

Now we make your website accessible to you and will ensure that you can easily understand and use your website.


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Codzio is one of the best companies for website development service in India. Top website designing company in Noida.

5.0 By: John Flake

Wonderful job in creating our website. Thank you so much for your innovative ideas on our website.

4.0 By: Anamika

Perfect custom developed website with right concept and integrated my website with my CRM. Delivered on time.

4.5 By: Akash Kumar

Best web development agency, for website development. I am satisfied because i am using my website since last 2 years without any problem.

5.0 By: Gaurav


The component of a site which user interacts with directly is termed as front end. It's also referred to as the'client side' of the application. It includes everything that users encounter directly: colors and styles, pictures, graphs and tables, buttons, text colors, and navigation menu. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the languages used for Front end development.

Backend is server aspect of the website. It arranges and stores data, and makes sure everything. It is the part of the website you cannot see in website and socialize with like database, functions, security process, libraries etc . So it's the portion of website that does not come in direct contact with user. The parts and characteristics developed by backend developers with programming languages are accessed by users via a front-end application.

Web design is the process of creating websites which is comes under frontend development. There are two ways for website designing i.e. 1 Start With Sketch -In this process you can tell us or your designer the layout of your entire website and then the design will be made in psd to convert it to HTML. 2 Choose Pre-built Theme -  There are lots of free and paid themes available in the market to choose from. So you can choose any of them according to your need.

There are various programming languages available in global use. And one website can be made of many languages depends upon website functionality. But we at codzio buit websites on language and frameworks which are easily salable and hosted on server like  PHP, Java, Angular, codeigniter etc. And HlML, CSS, Javascript for frontend of websites.

The cost of a website varies which depends on its complexity and functionality. We offers budget website development with no hidden charges and is quoted based on the needs of each individual project. So, we are happy to discuss your requirements to provide a quote at any time.

Website development takes time based on several factors like - number of pages, and the functionality required, what is pre given, changes etc . But mostly web development phase take around 1 - 5 weeks.