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The Importance of Digital Workplace and Its Major Benefits

Alfaiz - Web Development - July 15, 2020


A digital workplace is a virtual replacement of physical office space. It is a single platform that integrates all major business applications, information and processes.

This creates a central place for employees to access all business applications used in the organization. It allows employees to fulfill their work responsibilities from any device and from any location.

What should you have in your digital workplace?

When choosing your digital workplace platform, make sure you have the following functionality -

1. Access devices.

Employees need the flexibility to choose the most efficient way to access business applications wherever they work. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming a necessity, so companies need to rethink their device strategies based on business needs.

2. Discussion platforms

Strong connectivity remains a crucial requirement in the digital workplace. Businesses need to be equipped to handle voice, video, and data communications simultaneously, both inside and outside company networks.

3. Project Management

Focusing on accurate project management is important for enterprises. Ensuring that your team is running at the scheduled time and that you are meeting your essential goals or targets by working remotely.

4. Security

Protecting company data is very important task for any digital workplace. Therefore, if organizations want their employees to be flexible and able to work from any location, they need to ensure a secure access to data and applications.

4. Applications

Giving employees seamless access to business applications, increases productivity and supports collaboration with other employees, partners, and customers. Such applications help virtual teams to work harmoniously and interact effectively, giving them quick access to the critical information they need.

What are the benefits of the digital workplace?

Increased Productivity: The digital workplace contributes to business productivity due to streamlining business operations and removing communication barriers.

Save Cost: A cost-effective digital workplace that allows your employees to work remotely can help save time on business operations and reduce operational costs.

Unites the workforce: Creating a transparent work environment where your employees can easily track the status of any task or project. This in turn leads to less follow-up and email among employees.

Increased employee satisfaction and retention: Workplace technology is a deciding factor when 82% of millennials are taking on a new job for more than 35% of employees and 67% of employees. In addition, organizations with digital workplaces report an 87% increase in employee retention.