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Effective Ways to Promote Your Website to Get Customer

Alfaiz - Marketing - October 24, 2020


When you have just finished creating your stunning website, but now the time has come to share it with the world to grow your business or brand. Because the website is not enough just to get real customers, for this you have to promote your website. Thus, in this guide, we will cover the most effective ways to promote your website without huge budget.

Top 10 Effective Ways to Promote Your Website

The importance of social media in your digital marketing strategy will vary dramatically depending on the nature of your business. But these are some common tips to help you promote your website

1 Advertise

For most businesses, the most popular and effective paid advertising channels are social media advertising to get results faster. Most business uses Google and Facebook advertising. It is best way to expand your reach for all business sizes, find new customers and diversify your revenue streams.

One of the greatest features of online advertising is advertisers can target potential customers like demographics, interests, age & gender etc. Google Ads and Bing Ads offer advertisers a choice of text-based ads, display banners and products ads. Social media ads on the other hand are generally allow product ads and post boost.


Search Engine Optimization is the organic process of optimizing content and website to be discovered through a search engine’s organic search results. And high ranking in search result will give more traffic to website which obviously helps in generating leads.

In simple words, SEO works by displaying the search engine that your content is the best result for the searched term.

How SEO work?

Search engines like Google and Bing use their crawl bots to crawl pages on the web, moving from site to site, collecting information about websites or blog pages. Then taking into account hundreds of factors and algorithms to determine page rank in search results for ordered queries.

Search engines have three primary functions:

Crawl ➼ Index ➼ Rank

3 Social Media Presence

Building a social media presence can play a big role in the growth of business and brand. Social networking means social communication and building relationships. If you post some articles, mention some people, share random links of your products or services, you can't expect too much from social media. So you need to be dedicated on social media for better results!

Maintaining a social media presence will not only establish your brand, but will help develop connections with existing clients and build trust with potential customers.

4 Blogging and Guest Posting

A blog can increase content on your website which helps you achieve a good ranking on search engines and dramatically improves your conversion rate. These blogs will get you traffic and this traffic gives you an opportunity to generate leads.

If you have enough time then you can also start guest posting to get some extra traffic and brand referrals. Writing a guest post on a reputable site can increase blog traffic to your website and increase brand visibility.

5 Business Directories

Business directories submission is an old technique but submitting your website in online directories is still a good idea. You want your URL in more and more places so that more people can find it. So why not take advantage of it.

Most of the directories are free but paid and well-known directories are also available which gives more visibility to your website. Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, HotFrog, Yellow Pages are some of the best business directories.

6 Youtube

You don't need millions of views to stand out and get traffic. You only need interested visitors to show your brand. Then taking them to your website with the help of video so that they can subscribe to your services or purchase product.

Videos that rank for your targeted keywords can help drive more customers to your business on the website. Since a limited number of businesses produce high quality videos on YouTube, this would be an opportunity if you could upload videos.

7 Reach out to Influencers

Influencer can help you reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, and help you get the new customers. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective way to promote your business's products and services by partnering with popular social media users or bloggers.

The influencers you see on social media have a few lakh followers on Instagram or Snapchat. These people have built their earned audience, which is why they are called influencers.

You have to find influencers those have a large, engaged audience related to your niche so that they can help you build credibility and even drive sales.

8 Email Marketing

Email marketing is a old but effective way for communicating with your customers. It essentially involves collecting email addresses of any and every potential customer and then sharing content - newsletter, promotions and information.

Email marketing is highly effective for promoting a website to get traffic by sending emails to prospects and customers. Effective marketing emails convert prospects into customers, and one-time buyers into loyal ones.

9 Quora

Quora is a great place to answer questions within your niche, establish authority, and generate some traffic for your website along the way. It is very beneficial for such business where customers buy services or product after research and reading reviews.

To start answering Quora use their search bar to search you specific topic then you will find out some sort of questions related to your topic.

Now post a good answer to the question you can answer and link your website where possible. Relevancy is important here not to unnecessarily insert your link.

10 Reddit

Reddit is probably the best for social bookmarking, it allows users to submit stories, pictures, videos, etc. from the Internet, and other users can either upgrade or downvote these submissions.

Reddit is a place where you can share and discuss about any topic which is not against the rules. Just keep in mind before using Reddit that you are sharing some value and don't promote your business until you spend a good time giving back to the community and making connections with other users.

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